We don’t deal with poverty. We cover it up with cute phrases, Instagram, alcohol , sex & debt


We don’t deal with poverty. We cover it up with cute phrases,Instagram & debt”~. Thomas Nkuna

We don’t deal with poverty we cover it up. With cute phrases , graduation pictures and debt.

“Fake it until you make it” is the worst phrase this generation could encounter. It is a virus that mentally disturbs you to live a fake life so people can see that you have made it while you struggling silently. How are you going to get help while looking like a millionaire ? It’s a sad reality.

I have seen people inviting you to expensive restaurants for meetings when they suppose to pay share of their bill they’ll come up with all sorts of excuses and the most common of those is “I’ve left my card at home can you cover it ?” Or “my card just got stuck in the machine”. I know this because I’ve…

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There’s a beauty in the death of an emotion

The kind of soul searching beauty that comes as a thief in broad daylight

There’s a misled but strong deep rooted pride in the shredding of a feeling

The type that leaves your skin silky smooth, a rebirth of sorts

When you separate your being from self

And you convert your tomorrow to today

There’s a part of you that lifts its hand and dares to lay its finger tip on the hidden

There’s a beauty in the death of an emotion

The risen doubt and self hating thread

The pull towards an unclear depth

The giving of self in exchange for goods worth the infinite value of void

The constant search for a type of truth that seeker, himself, does not comprehend

The journey of an unreachable beginning

Where impossible is something and where tomorrow really never comes

Where battles feel like wars and war becomes an apocalypse

Where volcanoes erupt and love overflows only to be shunned by everyday life

Your easiest catch

There’s a beauty in the death of an emotion

A greater beauty still in the peace that the chaos leaves behind

Your reality is often blurred

Look deeper into your soul in search of your heart and let self become your being

Walk to the rhythm of the truth

Follow the flow of the blood that glides through your anatomy,

For the things that you think keep you alive are often the things that make you sink

Fight, to let go

And let that beauty illuminate your glow…


Thabile Galela